Thursday, January 1, 2009

My dream house

come in and look around...

or this

sometimes I like symmetry

I adore white slip covered sofas

and lots of mirrors

with lots of white and wicker baskets

rustic beams

and old chests for storage

I would have a cosy nook like this

more wicker baskets and mirrors

and a lovely old cane chair to sit awhile

I would paint my stairs like this

or this

and place old mirrors up the wall

my home would have a real fireplace

and some whimsical pieces that I found in a Paris flea market

a pink and white bedroom for Cleo and India

sweet dreams

with an old iron bed

and a vintage cupboard to store their toys

a playroom

with a little retro kitchen

and a small table and chairs

and in the garden

a swing
for my girls, or maybe it's for me

my bedroom would look like this

or this

or this

or maybe with a touch of black

or blue

a really soft blue like this

I would have a morning room like this

with an old armoire to store my secrets

and another to hide my gin

lots of old mirrors

to reflect the light

and my dogs could come and go

I would have a white kitchen

with marble bench tops and vintage white tiles

with a blackboard to write my lists

an old table

a rack for hanging pots and pans
and just for fun a chandelier

my vintage finds on display

here it is

I would have a big white laundry

with a table to fold clothes

if I lived in a cottage my bathroom would look like this

or if my home were grand, something like this

I would like a verandah with a big table for lunch

a hammock to sleep in

and a lovely view

there it is, my lovely virtual home


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