Sunday, June 9, 2013

Selling the house.

When I bought this house a little over 3 years ago I had planned to live here for the rest of my life.

I put my life and soul into renovating and restoring the rather sad and dilapidated 1860's terrace.
 The poor unloved house hadn't been a home for years  - it was operating as a garden shop downstairs and a series of offices upstairs. It didn't have a kitchen or laundry.

Here is my home

The entrance hall

and looking the other way into the house
I numbered the stairs - all 39 of them!
 here you can see into the new kitchen. I reinstated the original fireplace ( I had always wanted a big kitchen with an open fire in it)
Here are some more of the numbered stairs. The house has 3 levels and a basement ( which my twins called the dungeon)

here is a before photo - the garden shop
and after
my living room - wearing its Winter Look
 I removed a wall on the left to open up the space and let more light into what was once a very dark hallway.

 Here is the Summer Look
The sofa facing the garden and blue stripe Ralph Lauren cushions. The red persian rug removed and replaced with a pale cowhide
looking out to the garden

The tiny courtyard garden

  here is a before of what is now the kitchen -this is when it was the garden shop.

and  after - the kitchen - with my dream a fireplace in the kitchen!
  I kept the light fittings due to my tight budget. I would have loved to have put some vintage pendant lights in here over the table.

here is a before photo of one of the upstairs offices 
 and here it is after the renovation
  I kept the white painted floors in this room due to my tight budget. I had originally planned to sand and stain the floors a dark black/ brown like the floors I did throughout the rest of the house - glad I didn't go dark in this room . My bedroom became my sanctuary throughout a very difficult time in my life.
 all light , white and heavenly
my dressing room - with a small antique French table
 I then changed the table for a mirrored chest of drawers for more storage
I used a Catherine Martin wallpaper ( the costume and set designer on the Great Gatsby movie)
here is a close up of the Great Gatsby wallpaper

 Sorry, some of the photos have the locations agency logo on them. When I finished renovating the house had it's own agent! and was used for photo shoots for magazines, advertising campaigns and a movie!

The house has now sold.
 On to a new era!


  1. your home is one of the lovliest i've seen. good luck on this new chapter of your life!

  2. Thank you so much for your kind words!

  3. oh i found you!

    i need your email address b/c i finally got home yesterday and went through my pics and found a couple of lovely ones of you. hope all is well. your house is gorgeous!!! xo janet

  4. Beautiful, just like you! Hope all is well in your world. Paula x

  5. my turn to now visit you, from the US......chicago!

    oh my, oh my, i adore your home and all the transformations. what a talent you are. i could see myself living peacefully in such a setting.
    cheers to you!

    1. Hi Debra,

      Thank you so much for the compliment!


  6. Wow, that was such an adorable and stunning house back there. The makeover was so amazing that it became showed a more sophisticated and bold feature. Great job! Too bad, it was already sold. But the ideas were really cool and lovely! I bet whoever bought that was house will surely fall inlove with it.

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  7. That house comes with a magical appeal, that’s probably set by its long and rich history from the 18th century era. You must have been sad to see it go, as you once envisioned yourself living in it for the rest of your life. But I see things have changed, and that’s why this house was sold in the market a year ago. I’m sure you got yourself a great deal. Anyway, how are things now? Have you moved in and renovated a new vintage house as beautiful as this one?

    Marjorie Brown @ Jamie Hooper

    1. Hello Marjorie, thank you for your lovely comments - renovating a charming little French country style villa. Should be finished next year. Watch out for more posts. Vx

  8. What a charming home...cant wait to see the charming French home your renovating!

  9. If I lived where you live, I would buy this in a NY minute! Absolutely perfect! love your style and taste, very beautifully done. I am a decorator, realtor, and rehabber, and love to transform old, neglected homes into a piece of art. You are good, Vintage Girl!