Monday, August 2, 2010

The Country House That Lives In My Imagination

I have wanted a house in the country for such a long time. I think it  would look something like this...

Drive through the gates

 the guest house

the main house

please come in

the living room

my cosy reading room

the kitchen

the open fire 

up the stairs

my bedroom


guest bedroom

and bath

Celeste's room

my desk for writing invitations to come and stay

there would be a screened porch

and verandah

where I could look at the view

India's white pony

the stables

 I would grow lots of roses

and herbs

and have an orchard of cherry trees

a  cute gardener to do all the hard work

a glass of ice tea amongst the lavender

I would have a wisteria walk

and a secret garden  just for the girls

with whimsical pieces

a swing

and a nest in the treetops

there  would be a tranquil pool

an outdoor fireplace

a special spot for lunch in the garden


and here is the chicken house

 a flock of pet sheep

and dogs I rescued from the pound,
here they are for their photo shoot


1 comment:

  1. Amazing photos...There is life in every special place...I loved every furniture and View that I saw...Congrats.
    Fernanda Ma
    São Paulo