Monday, August 18, 2014

My latest work

I am now taking commissions for pet portraits.

I work in acrylic on canvas and can paint any size you like.

Here is a sample of my work.
I work from your photographs as I find pets do not like to sit still for very long.

I ship worldwide
Please contact me by email: vhopkins

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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Selling the house.

When I bought this house a little over 3 years ago I had planned to live here for the rest of my life.

I put my life and soul into renovating and restoring the rather sad and dilapidated 1860's terrace.
 The poor unloved house hadn't been a home for years  - it was operating as a garden shop downstairs and a series of offices upstairs. It didn't have a kitchen or laundry.

Here is my home

The entrance hall

and looking the other way into the house
I numbered the stairs - all 39 of them!
 here you can see into the new kitchen. I reinstated the original fireplace ( I had always wanted a big kitchen with an open fire in it)
Here are some more of the numbered stairs. The house has 3 levels and a basement ( which my twins called the dungeon)

here is a before photo - the garden shop
and after
my living room - wearing its Winter Look
 I removed a wall on the left to open up the space and let more light into what was once a very dark hallway.

 Here is the Summer Look
The sofa facing the garden and blue stripe Ralph Lauren cushions. The red persian rug removed and replaced with a pale cowhide
looking out to the garden

The tiny courtyard garden

  here is a before of what is now the kitchen -this is when it was the garden shop.

and  after - the kitchen - with my dream a fireplace in the kitchen!
  I kept the light fittings due to my tight budget. I would have loved to have put some vintage pendant lights in here over the table.

here is a before photo of one of the upstairs offices 
 and here it is after the renovation
  I kept the white painted floors in this room due to my tight budget. I had originally planned to sand and stain the floors a dark black/ brown like the floors I did throughout the rest of the house - glad I didn't go dark in this room . My bedroom became my sanctuary throughout a very difficult time in my life.
 all light , white and heavenly
my dressing room - with a small antique French table
 I then changed the table for a mirrored chest of drawers for more storage
I used a Catherine Martin wallpaper ( the costume and set designer on the Great Gatsby movie)
here is a close up of the Great Gatsby wallpaper

 Sorry, some of the photos have the locations agency logo on them. When I finished renovating the house had it's own agent! and was used for photo shoots for magazines, advertising campaigns and a movie!

The house has now sold.
 On to a new era!