Saturday, July 3, 2010

A Victorian cottage in the woods

Sandra Foster's magical one room cottage in The Catskills New York.

Sandra renovated, extended and decorated this tiny former hunting cabin on a budget of $3,000. Using salvaged goods, vintage finds and shopping at flea markets and garage sales she has created a tranquil retreat for herself

The chandelier was a $15 flea market find

the loft bedroom is reached via a ladder

the chandelier over the bed and the bed linen is from Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic for Target

The lace fabric used throughout was $2 a metre at Wal Mart

the beautiful wooden mirror was a garage sale find at $22

Sandra built this cupboard herself with arched doors she found for $15

Vintage finds

Sandra's pink boots were on sale for $30 at a tractor supply store

to reach to the cabin you have to cross this stream

just like a gingerbread house in the woods
Sandra in a handmade linen dress she found for $2 

the verandah was added to the original cabin using salvaged columns


  1. This is beautiful ! You've inspired me.

  2. I think we were meant to be friends. Love your taste and your favorite words. You should read Gossamer it is a cute story.

  3. You are very Creative!! When the imagination is set free anything can happen!!

  4. Adorable! I recently moved from a tiny house, now I'm in a mobile home. So we can even live full time in small spaces, especially when it's as comfy and pretty as yours! You did a fantastic job designing this cute cottage! Blessings

  5. Endearing...into my heart. Enjoy it for me. ~.~

  6. Love your little cottage. Perfect place to fall asleep on a warm spring day reading a book

    Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

  7. This is my idea of a "fantasy" place where one could find their peace. A cup of coffee or tea,a good book and gentle breezes......

    South Carolina

  8. This is the most beautiful little cottage i've seen so far.. We are remolding a house and i want my husband to make me my on little cottage not very big at all and this just is what i've been looking for. The right size and everything about it. You just don't know how happy i was when i ran across these on pinterest.. The most AMAZING cottage house i've ever seen and believe me i've been looking at soooo many..LOVE IT!!!!

  9. I first saw this little cottage on Pinterest.
    Then I started seeing pictures of the inside. Although, there weren't any descriptions, I just knew they went together! I love this and would certainly love to live there!

  10. i just absolutly love this little cottage, i wish i could live there, a bit of peace and serenity from the fast pace lives we all live.

  11. I wish I could live here, I'd be able to take my photographs in pure beauty, sketch with amazing surroundings and just be stree free, live happily in my own little cottage.

  12. In a word ~Serenity~ Luv the BIG GIRL cottage and all the white. It's amazing what re-purposing can do! I have been inspired. Thank you for sharing your photos. I think my blood pressure just went down 10 points!

  13. Hi

    Where in the Catskills is this? Ive been looking to do the same. Any idea on how much land and how it cost? I have a plan to do somthing very similar.

  14. ANy idea where in the catskills and how much land and how much the property cost? I have been doing alot of research into doing the same and I would love to h=get more information.